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Blue swimmer crab, Portunus pelagicus
From the artist: 
"Now let me get this straight…This is NOT made in Photoshop.It is multiple exposures (3) on 1 sheet of Kodak E100G. Part of an exploration of studio lighting and techniques.”
Purple lined shore crabs, Pachygrapsus crassipes
A swarm of squat lobster species, Munida gregaria, known as lobster krill. They often show up en masse like this on New Zealand shores. 
As ridiculous as this looks, these are just-maturing juvenile Munida gregaria squat lobsters. This species is known as lobster krill and often show up en masse in parts of New Zealand. 
Umalia orientalis
One of the squat lobsters from this post: Uroptychus convexus
Photo: Dr. Tin-Yam Chan 
One of the squat lobsters from this post: Galathea rubromaculata 
Photo: Dr. Tin-Yam Chan
 1. Parathranites granosus Crosnier, 2002 [Portunidae]
2. Microprosthema plumicorne (Richters ,1880) [Spongicolidae]
3. Spongicola andamanica Alcock ,1901 [Spongicolidae]
4. Thalamita sp. [Portunidae]
5. Metanephrops australiensis Bruce, 1966 [Nephropidae]
6. Pseudopaguristes bicolor Asakura & Kosuge, 2004 [Diogenidae]
7. Euclosia crosnieri Galil, 200X [Leucoisiidae]
8. Paranchistus nobilii Holthuis, 1952 [Palaemonidae]
9. Lissocarcinus polybiodes Adams & White, 1849 [Portunidae]
10. Pylopaguropsis sp. [Paguridae]
11. Metanephrops neptunus Bruce, 1965 [Nephropidae]
12. Alpheopsis sp. [Alpheidae]
13. Trapezia guttata Rüppell, 1830 [Trapeziidae]
14. Galathea rubromaculata Miyake & Baba, 1967 [Galatheidae]
15. Bathynomus kensleyi Lowry & Dempsey, 2006 [Cirolanidae]
16. Chirostylus dolichopus Ortmann, 1892 [Chirostylidae]
17. Aega sp. [Aegidae]
18. Paguropsis typica Henderson, 1888 [Diogenidae]
19. Periclimenes sarasvati Okuno, 2002 [Palaemonidae]
20. Trapezia rufopunctata ( Herbst, 1799) [Trapeziidae)
21. Uroptychodes grandirostris ( Yokoya, 2004) [Chirostylidae]
22. Aretopsis amabilis De Man, 1910 [Alpheidae]
23. Lophozozymus pulchellusA. Milne-Edwards, 1867 [Xanthidae]
24. Lyreidus stenopsWood-Mason, 1887 [Raninidae]
25. Notopus dorsipes (Linnaeus, 1758) [Raninidae]
26. Spongiaxius sp. [Axiidae]
27. Neoxanthops cf. lineatus (A. Milne-Edwards, 1867) [Xathidae]
28. Fenneogalathea chacei Baba, 1988 [Galatheidae]
29. Glyphocrangon spinossisima Brand & Takeda, 1996 [Glyphocrangonidae]
30. Menaethius monoceros( Latreille, 1825) [Majidae]
31. Paracyclois milneedwardsii Miers, 1886 [Calappidae]
32. Spongiaxius brucei ( Sakai, 1987) [Axiidae]
33. Aethra scruposa(Linnaeus, 1764) [Aethridae]
34. Podocatactes hamifer Ortmann , 1893 [Atylecyclidae]
35. Sergestes sp. [Sergestidae]
36. Ocypode ceratophthalmus (Pallas, 1772) [Ocypodidae]
37. Carupa tenuipes Dana, 1852 [Portunidae]
38. Pulcratis reticulates Ng & Huang, 1997 [Xanthidae]
39. Uca vocans (Linnaeus, 1758) [Oxypodidae]
These are all squat lobsters found off of the Philippines. I’ll post more/better pictures of the ones shown here when I get back to my room and can pull out my book on squat lobsters. 
Red and white spotted one: Galathea rubromaculata
The one with really long arms that you can barely see all the way to the left: Uroptychus convexus
The two larger ones at the top are part of the Munida genus.